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H.265 Video Codec

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has approved a new video format that will enable high quality video streaming at a fraction of the bandwidth requirements of the past.

This new video format is called H.265 (or High Efficiency Video Coding) and is the successor to…well H.264.  Through advanced compression techniques, H.265 will allow video to be streamed at about half of the bits required by today’s parameters.

This will have far-reaching effects:

  • Areas that previously couldn’t stream video due to a lack of high-speed Internet will gain that capability (I think I can hear the cheers from Idaho here…).
  • Households in areas that don’t receive the fastest service will be able to stream HD video flawlessly.
  • Those who already have a strong broadband connection will have an even higher quality of video available to them: 4K (example below)

How much better is 4K video than Full HD 1080p? Um. A lot.

So basically, everyone is taking a step up.

Once implemented and integrated, H.265 will give millions of consumers the ability access to high-quality content they couldn’t watch before, and in turn give businesses access to millions of consumers they couldn’t reach before.

Welcome to the future.

That being said, it’s going to take time before this new format really gets going. Shifting from one technology to the next is never an easy thing, especially when you consider that H.264 was made popular by Apple and it took years for the controversial battle between that and Adobe’s Flash to be somewhat settled. The first step is for this technology to be embedded into chips and hardware and then sent out to the creative masses.  Early estimates have it at about 12-18 months before we really get to see H.265 at work.

Rest assured though, it’s coming.

So how can your business capitalize on this new technology?

Start developing video marketing campaigns. Now.

Within the next year and a half, a new demographic of people will have access to online video that never did before. These are the people who are going to feel empowered and advanced when they press play for the first time on their crisp video.  When those people see your company’s campaign, they will immediately associate YOU with being advanced.

Put yourself in a position to be viewed as a trendsetter; the type of company people want to work with because you’re forward thinking and capable.

Are you the type of person who thinks a year and a half is a long time to wait, or a long time to prepare?


What about the cost?

Producing a great campaign can still be pricey (lets face it, we can’t all be Five Guys and have this happen), but the cost of sending that campaign out has been drastically reduced.

One of the biggest benefits of online marketing is the ability it gives to target a specific audience.

The days of broadcasting your video message to a massive demographic with the hope that some of them will need whatever services you are offering are over.

The consumer wins because they learn about your company. Your business wins because it’s in front of a targeted group of people at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

So here is what we have:

Faster internet (H.265) + Millennials who want to be connected = The future.

Complete Facebook Sizing Chart

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Google+ adds Communities

Will ‘Communities’ cause people to make the jump from Facebook to G+?

When Google+ introduced Communities it changed its own game.  Now, G+ users have a place to not only get information on topics they specifically care about (like Twitter) but they can also also generate and join discussions they are genuinely interested in (like Facebook, but more in-depth and in a more effective manner.)

Up until this point Google+ has had a reputation as being something of an ‘elitist’ social network filled with those who are too cool for Facebook.  It’s also frequently been called a ‘Ghost Town’.

The general public seemed to ask why they need G+ when they already have a Facebook profile.  Now that Communities is around and rapidly growing…there is more of a reason to use both.  Hundreds (if not thousands) of Communities have already been set up with topics ranging from cooking to skydiving and everything in between.  For the average person this means that your niche you worked so hard to find and build on Facebook was built for you on Google+ – except now it is built on a stronger foundation.  Google+ is taking the work out of its site and the results are very pleasing.   If you don’t have Google+ I recommend you sign up and check out a few networks that interest you.  Changes are the conversations being held in those communities are fun, exciting, and genuinely educational.

Basically Google+ Communities are something you want to be a part of.


So why do so many have loyalty to Facebook still? Why hasn’t Google+ caught on before this?

Facebook is where many go to become somewhat mindless for a minute.  They are comfortable there, they know what to expect and they know what they are going to get.  Google+ had to overcome that and you can argue they still have a long way to go before they are seen on a mass scale as being so different from Facebook that it’s worth peoples’ time and effort to cultivate a profile.

There’s a Google+ Community for that!

The beauty of Google+ though, is that it is backed by Google.  Any competent social media or SEO specialist can see the importance of having a Google+ profile for whatever brand they are representing just based on the fact that OF COURSE Google will give priority to a Google+ page over a similar Facebook page.  Why wouldn’t they?

This means that Google+ is starting to see rapid growth in the number of businesses that are focusing more effort into the network and to quote a great film “If you build it, they will come.”

And when they do come what they will find is that Google+ has quietly become a great place to be; a place full of people talking and educating each other about topics they enjoy – not just sending endless game invites and long rants about inane topics.

– Justin

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